cea wiley — is a rural queer trying to find home, planting plants and getting lost

anomali — always leaving and returning and trying to remember what was forgotten.  this day, in vermont playing vibraphone/in the woods.

chanelle bergeron — is quite possibly a selkie who likes to play with plants & strings. she is currently studying to become a midwife. sometimes, she likes to go by, mille.


mia freundlich — is a queer vegan teacher from portland who is totally pumped to post more on comehell but is still workin’ on it(!). she likes dancing up a storm, cooking up a storm, and hugging up a storm and attending gay camp.


emma wynne hill — grew up on a little island. She loves Louise the #1 Top Beagle, books, talking about books and smelling old books. When she’s not a city girl she’s a farmer babe and needs them both and has not yet figured out what to do about that.

lee king  — is looking for something.

kathryn o’neil —  loves going to gay camp with her friends and coming up with scary things to yell at street creepers. she sews, climbs trees, goes to shows,hangs out in cemeteries and harbors intense femme rage.

gaelle win robin — on a hill, making friends, brewing coffee, writing, reading, cat mom, watering plants, pulling shots, getting high, laying low, living in a quiet city

brody wood — trauma, weird love, chronic pain, dysphoria, wah

olivia wood — splitting time between maine and montreal, writing poems, essays and zines mostly about objectivity in feminism, tender things, grief, and the geography of new england.