we three on a rockthe night atramentous, it wasasthmatic with wind she sees ghostsin the blueberry fieldi see lights beyondthe watershe tastes tobacco underher fingernailswe breathe our secretsinto the dark ask ourselves to… Continue reading

Country Song

In school years ago the teacher played a trick on us he read us a poem about cars and it was a metaphor kind of like a riddle where there are these metal… Continue reading


myrrh smokesticks to my fingerslike the ghost of youtwines my flesh born of a woundso sweet & frailtrailing my hand & slowly teasing that the soft white could thicken againto resin insteadof disintegrating  & the… Continue reading


desert communion: san pedro and lithium living waters under too-close stars too-close pubescence, i relate to many versions of myself here: the silent siren, the prophetess in waiting, anxious for my feast day… Continue reading


In Boston, in the traffic tunnel where you and I embraced for the first time in a couple of weeks two Augusts ago we were still new and fresh and I had not… Continue reading


It is the smell of you that lingers longest The sweet taste of lemon balm dancing with creosote on my neck that clings like sap on my collar and catches the tails of… Continue reading

Eating Squash with the Babies

Paddling towards winter. In the air, nests of cold clotted cream float above, close and heavy. Trees in a shivering age old concession shake their leaves to the ground- cutting the fat to… Continue reading

winter camping

i meant to call my mother this morning when i woke up to tell her her lover is dead she doesn’t know yet his big body was found in the snow in the… Continue reading

a wish on the bridge

my house stands between the forest and the ocean you cannot find it unless you have need inside is a wood stove, a large black pot a bed, a bucket, black dresses of… Continue reading

analog I am

it is unusual how my mouth computes 110110101100101 how I count the ways he is intregral builds integers inside me the way my words are 110110101100101 like digits my words 110110101100101 the way… Continue reading

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