PVSYCRVPT is a collective of artists in Jamaica Plain. This video exists within a true-life anti-conceptual soap opera of relationships of power, gender, and means of production/ownership. Advertisements

just cuz

[[for kitten in her waken-ness]] like the feelof mudunder my feet like the breathingof starson my neck like the ocean’sintrepid depths like the howling sun &the sulking moon like the furof an animal… Continue reading


i saw her hands floating on late winter bark moon a fingernail of milkweed silk snapped from a flying hand to land in my charm pouch i wish my hands could fly like that… Continue reading

harmonium wail // altar wall



collaboration between ahna anomaly & noel’le longhaul


tw: deals w death, homophobia, assault, alcohol for Hart Crane he knew not before this how easily he could jump the man with untamed mechanics chestfuls of pump and a mouth of gears… Continue reading

The Well (working title)

When Margaret was a child there was an aunt who used to come stay. She had an apartment in the city where she spent her time ‘doing god knows what’, living well and… Continue reading

dug it up ((mille at the age of seventeen))

& if her facewere the sun,would you continue to stareinto the fire,the blisters,& the blinding orange?          or would you laybeneath it,soak & drinkuntil you bledit dry, dry asbone & sand,until you are… Continue reading

the bird from mars

blew & ahna writing back & forth, drinking coffee in a portland coffee shop    beginning upon a slightly feathered neckbegging molting to attendwith a gentle hand lending somber strokethe falling in, the… Continue reading

leveling up

in collaboration with the passion and talent of David Meiklejohn, Cody Cooper, Andrea Nilosek and the support of many others, I am humbled to have had the chance to give this poem about… Continue reading

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