the shade

at my back season is changing quickly like a catapult shot from the pit of summer i am glad to see it go what didn’t it take from me? what didn’t it take?… Continue reading

wet & holy

what is the name of the goddess her statue of smooth marble her breasts full her cock swaying soft in stone bleeding heart Dicentra spectabilis heavy with the rain & heavy with all… Continue reading


scry to understand how conduits open to humming channels scry because it has become the only way i can see you move you move like the moon over the open water and on… Continue reading

throwing bricks over the edge of august

ambiguity’s always been a strange friendand yet I’ve found a stranger lover in himand all the runes we are casting out loudskipping breath for a night in our bodies we are fusing rivers,… Continue reading

Other People Being Creative

Listening through tinny, coughing speakers: this is the sound of never being who I want which is very close in tone to wanting to be impossible, but milkier          … Continue reading


there is a glass placed static on the linoleum I watch a silver crack make its way splitting the wall, water sloshing crystal legs on the vortex every step he takes is startling… Continue reading

setting the table

I am left to wonder what exactly I could do to make this feast more inviting with everything out and in the open steaming greens on the table with its place settings laid… Continue reading

The Story of A Much Humbled God

          Once upon a time there was a woman who careened like a sailboat riding the lip of a tsunami to shore, watching the edges of a morning in… Continue reading


for the creature you left in the woods, in the ice last night I dreamt of the small brown mug you press your lips to the smell and steam of angelica rolling over… Continue reading

the room is soft

         take timebe like the moss         it grows withslow speed &          be like the blue ofthe chicory flower         on the roadsidewatching & waiting .mille.

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