demons of the south

last year, it was snowing & the sun sank into ice & the ice sprawled, glistened, like the moon being cut open by a knife as below so above the sky splintered a… Continue reading



full photo-poem on tumblr

laying myself in creases

we were troubled in the (womb) just as we are in this harsh city but we swell soak alone in our creature comforts and, too I surely soak in a lover’s hesitation like… Continue reading

persistence, in the form of slumber

when he shuts them, the smolder in his eyes is more than a fire in his gut he sleeps, folds into himself like a thousand orizuru and our bodies, we sleep swell together… Continue reading


There’s a sweet fine hair

There’s a sweet fine hair climbs the back of your neck, asks questions of bodies that no one ever asks anymore, about ache and collusion. There’s a place that we lived our hands gripping and… Continue reading

like a fledgling mouth

I’ve been lying in a lag for months half naked because I am dead to everyone even my sister is a stranger to me now half naked to watch my bad body wilting… Continue reading


in the field we feast on vervain and camomile bathing each other’s skin with our tongues and teeth the soil finding homes  in the cracks of your hands as you press against my… Continue reading

october almost

anomaly, i buried something in your old backyard on washington avenue batti chambers underground cinderblock guardians protect what i left but we never crawled down to the subbasement to find treasures of years… Continue reading

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