To The Man In The Slow Car

To the man with orange hair and pale skin and a small black car. If you had a name address, phone number it would go here. I want you to know that you… Continue reading


After such an important post (below), I didn’t feel like I could leave just any poem here. I want to respond to these thoughts and questions that are so worthy of our heads… Continue reading


and needing to find a way to yell without shame for the highness, hysteria of the pitch of my voice raised in heat and remove the layers of connotations until i can accept… Continue reading


the pelts of the animals floating dead in the bay are enough to form a carpet and so on this night the blinking lights of DRAWBRIDGE UP don’t worry us- traffic can wait.… Continue reading


have my fist resting on a dirty, calm cervix today i only want to feel that it doesn’t belong to me so soon i will miss it and be confused and gently full… Continue reading

go across and then go back again

journal excerpts oakland to providence winter 2011 am i bleeding/coffee gets me going and happy fer about fortyfive minutes honeywine mixes with flour into the stickiest countertop wheatpaste; spring rolls last night were… Continue reading


this is a magnetic (love) poem that i wrote on my refrigerator a while ago; within the belly in which i may one  day grow my young there must be perhaps a frantic fire… Continue reading


TASTE OF THREE YEARS IN THE BACK OF MY THROAT: Coffee from dead haunts, deep-fried sugar meat at the most infantilizing job, beer foam sucked off the top of a bottle meant for… Continue reading

here lies

you are a soft tongue moving like a bat i called you a coward yesterday, i’m sorry this anatomical weather these arteries are of bad storms from where you are sitting this rain… Continue reading


The first time I remember lying there Feeling empty and shaken Feeling like all the hype was such a goddamn scam Feeling like I needed a shower. feeling like a very old sixteen… Continue reading

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