martin patrick smith march 1993–december 2011. a better friend and partner does not exist. Advertisements

corners, second helpings

my only lover the only set of lovers i had: tunnels of dirty air. why i thought i couldn’t do anything good and why would i try i’ll say whit, be my body’s… Continue reading




It is best for me to picture myself as a house and you, small hands, small legs and everything already and decidedly sleeping soundly in your bed. -emma

catching my train out of there

new mexico, i bet, is a bickering map. never meant to stay with you for five whole days could have easily used my cattled mouth to eat the desert when i saw historic… Continue reading

to want to want to do better

you tell a rape joke in the kitchen– i swallow my tongue and my throat and stomach and swallow with them my honest maps. i die upward, laughing, the way girls die. i… Continue reading

the bays we clamored through

Here, where whales lie rotting alone in the woods, the question is what do we leave behind us, the garbage of our past selves piled high in closets in parent’s houses in bays… Continue reading


AN ANTI-ASSIMILATIONIST ANALYSIS OF AN ACTION THOUGHTS ON THE OCCUPATION OF WALL STREET AND OTHER PLACES INCLUDING PORTLAND, MAINE “Patriotism assumes that our globe is divided into little spots, each one surrounded by… Continue reading


lines written a few miles above tintern abbey lines written among the euganean hills lines written a small distance from my house lines written beneath an elm in the churchyard of harrow lines… Continue reading

Moving Toward the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability

Read it Here by Mia Mingus *Femmes Of Color Symposium Keynote Speech, Oakland, CA (8/21/11)

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