you are untangling the strands
together, she says:
this person is unweaving your knots.

& you are a crow
pecking at your own ribcage
to remove the hardened bits
of broken clay.

unweaving together
she says
untangling the wings
you are
softening the bones which
house your heart

the beauty of clay is
in its ability to be 
reformed molded into 
shapes kept sturdy
by fire

it is all in the softening
& release of knowing
what form will arise
from the fire.

when you pull the cards,
when you open yourself
to what is, or will be,
who speaks to you?

what voice gently whispers
its song of seeing?

it is safe to say
i don’t know
not knowing what form
will arise what voice
will form from 
the fire
we pull forth when
opening the cards

in seeing the voice
it darts away
is a fish in 
the watchfulness of shadow

she saw the waters
the twin fish are dancing in

& i am swirling with them,
letting go of my salt
in trade for flashing scales.

our fast, open hearts
swim with the shadowed voices,
mouths wide to the unknown
& the knowing well.


(poet the distance quickie in the half hour before noon, june 23rd :: portland, maine to raleigh, north carolina :: anomali & chanelle)