side a.

i went to the sea & asked,
what can we do?

be swallowed,
she said.

or become

be wet scale or wing.
no walking thing.

i sat watching
her dance.

foam like breath.
i would like to be

stone embraced
in seaweed. but

i am a tide pool
of lies. i did not

walk to the beach
today. i am laid out

in bathwater
i poured salt

in first. i put on
these sea nymphs’

drone tape.
i ask the bath

what can i do?
it doesn’t reply.

i slice fresh spikes.
i will leave to see

my lover soon.
what can we do?

place seven fruit trees
in the mountain.  ground.

be naked on the rocks
in the sun in the stream.

build altars of soot.  dream
into the fire.  sing louder

or quieter.  cook food
we all can eat.  clean.

i move warm water
tide-like with my thighs.

what can i do?
float soft.

or sink & sigh.

side b.

i am a slick beast
cut & creamed

on my sleeping bag
the closest thing

i have to a selkie skin.
i have rolled up

the curtain-scarves.
behind thin plastic,

thicker glass,
five flies.

four in the right,
lone one left.

were they born
in the windows?

winter is ending
early.  not even

ides of march.
march of the trapped

& useless wings.
tiny things.

i ask the five,
what can we do?

the flies say,

rot & rise.

i chew my hair.
stare pale light,

bright blue beyond.
time to go


:: anomali ::

(“new moon sunken wood” is a split tape by mille & thorn.  you can find it here: