you are untangling the strands together, she says: this person is unweaving your knots. & you are a crow pecking at your own ribcage to remove the hardened bits of broken clay. unweaving… Continue reading


side a. i went to the sea & asked, what can we do? be swallowed, she said. or become swallows. be wet scale or wing. no walking thing. i sat watching her dance.… Continue reading


a postcard to chanelle :: august 2014 :: coast to coast, west to east :: anomali ::


angels in the windowpane watch over all this change frost & steam billowing behind thin plastic sheets i hear an angel singing from the street dropped some leaves some petals into my tea… Continue reading


in the nymph’s syringe suddenly blossoming petals of budding chest swell & fade in blood circles she mirrors flowing thin creeks to flesh ripe for the picking it herself this time around vulgar… Continue reading


O chthonic sisters: your temples are raised from underearth, venerated now only to be erased once the festival is ended. how much sunlight can shine on flesh from below before it burns? this… Continue reading

sybil 44

mating damselflies on a river stone their perfectly paired brilliant blues bending backwards and arching up twinned into a thin blue heart cicada waves crawling up the heat & turning the thick air… Continue reading

a pious thing

here, where the wind has left us & sleep sounds like heat my chest a series of ribs & my chest a series of ribs & in my chest all the vowels of… Continue reading

petals on wet

for my high school poetry teacher & cross-country coach who forever embedded that poem in my head who i had yet another erotic dream about last night goddamnit here ya go man


it is a great silence i have inherited broken by fits forgotten held breath i eroticize monks not for their bodies but the monotony of cleansing pain i am a dead whore once… Continue reading